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A step-ladder is an irreplaceable instrument, that allows to decide tasks on different internal and outward construction-works on height of, exceeding a human height. Such type of well-knit stair is optimal for domestic needs due to a compactness and functionality of device.

In Kyiv to buy at the company “Pioneer” it is possible metallic step-ladders of the German producer Zarges two types:

  • one-sided, at that the stages are situated from one side, and the second extensible part performs the duty of support;
  • two-sided, with the stages on both parties.

Aluminum wares differ on a height and some configuration features, that affects on their price.

Construction of two-sided step-ladder

A two-sided step-ladder is L-shaped adaptation with two well-knit sections, there are steps on each of that. Metallic hinges come forward as a connecting mechanism. In the decomposed kind, overhead cross-bars form a ground - comfortable working surface. She can be used as support under instruments or to climb on the extreme stages. In the last case, to execute works on a large height better with insurance.

Durability of construction is arrived at due to the pressed aluminum profiles. The anodized aluminum of high quality, that protects a stair from influence of factors of environment and provides the long term of exploitation, is used in more expensive on a cost wares.

For safety of device preventive стяжные straps and plastic tips are responsible on all bars. Some models producers complete wide traverses, it provides large stability of mechanism.

Advantages of two-sided step-ladder:

  • universality - befits for building and other works in an apartment and outside;
  • opportunity simultaneously to use adaptation, two masters;
  • comfortable transporting;
  • does not occupy much place at storage;
  • for a step-ladder, it is possible to buy additional support for instruments or other useful adaptations for the decision of certain tasks;
  • moderate price.

Advantageous collaboration with by the “Pioneer”

Our company offers different equipment and instruments for building from leading producers. In addition, any technique presented in a catalog, it is possible to lease on a necessary term. Quickly, we carry out delivery on Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine. A cost depends on the chosen courier's firm.

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