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What is an electric construction winch and why is it necessary

A winch is a mechanism by which various loads can be raised and lowered to a height. In construction, an electric winch is used to lift building materials. Hand-held devices are not in demand, because during construction, high productivity is needed.

What kind of electric winches can be

Construction electric winches can be portable (mobile) or stationary. When choosing this criterion, one should take into account, because it is often required to transfer the mechanism from place to place. In our online store you can find and buy a construction winch from the famous Italian brand Pioneer. The catalog contains various models of equipment with different load capacities and lifting heights.

What an electric hoist consists of

An electric winch is not a complex mechanism and consists of the following units:

  • remote control;
  • an electric motor, the power of which will determine the speed of lifting and load capacity;
  • sturdy frame;
  • drum on which the cable is wound;
  • cable;
  • brake;
  • reduction gear.

You can buy an Italian-made electric winch in Kiev at an affordable cost on our website. Among the goods is also presented an electric suspension winch, which can be well fixed on any pipes F48-50 mm. There are also floor products in the catalog.

Where to buy a construction winch

In our online store anyone can buy an electric winch. All products have the necessary certificates and have passed the verification. For lifting various building materials, a building winch must be present, the price of which depends on some parameters (lifting height, load capacity, design features, etc.).

Benefits of shopping with us

In Ukraine, electric winch construction reliable and durable, you can buy in our company. Buying a product from us is easy and convenient. Each client receives the following benefits from us:

  • you can pay for the goods in cash or by bank transfer;
  • we have warehouses with products in many cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Lviv);
  • site managers will answer all your questions.

To complete the purchase you need to select the mechanism and send it to the basket. Site navigation is simple, so it’s easy to figure it out.

Construction electric winch is the most popular product for moving various cargoes. These mechanisms minimize manual labor and increase its efficiency. They found their wide application not only in the construction sector, but also in large enterprises and for agricultural warehouses. Electric winches, although simple in design, can significantly reduce the load on a person.




 from 775 UAH/it

⭐ Electric winch mini crane pioneer

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Winch electric outboard HE200 200 kg

 21390 UAH

Stand with guide

 11935 UAH/it

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