Generators of electricity

Generators of electricity

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Generators of electricity

Electrical generators from "Pioner UA"

An electric generator is a device designed to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. As a rule, the internal combustion engine acts as a source of mechanical energy. The design of the electric generator includes the generator itself, the engine and the cooling, automation and control system, which are fixed on the frame (housing).

Electric generators are irreplaceable equipment when, in the absence of electricity, the operation of tools, equipment, machinery, lighting devices, etc. is required. It is used as a constant or emergency current source.

There are different types and types of generators:

  • by type of input fuel:  gasoline, diesel, gas;

  • by design: portable (mobile) and stationary generators;

  • by purpose: household, industrial, military;

  • by type of cooling system: with air and liquid cooling;

  • single-phase, three-phase or combined.

To start the generator  use a manual starter (you need to pull the cable) or with an automatic start (start from a button or by an automatic signal). The latter are especially convenient for backup power supply of residential, commercial, etc. objects in case of interruptions in the central power grid.

Modern generators have a number of protective systems that help prevent breakdowns in emergency situations.

They include:

  • overload protection,

  • short circuit protection,

  • overheating protection,

  • protection against low oil level.

In the case of a threat of failure, the device turns off, and the control panel provides indicators that notify the user of problems.

The main parameter of generators is power. The user needs to calculate the total power of all devices that are planned to be connected to the generator, and add a power reserve of at least 10%. According to the obtained result, the power plant should be selected according to the nominal power produced by the plant. Manufacturers also indicate the maximum power that generators can withstand in the short term.

Most low-power (usually portable) generator models are air-cooled, so they need breaks in operation every 3-5 hours. If the source of electricity must work 24 hours a day, you need to choose an installation with a liquid cooling system.

Our company offers electric generators of various types, able to meet the needs of both private users and organizations of various sizes, from small offices/warehouses/gas stations to large industrial enterprises.

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