Clamp (spring lock) for formwork 4mm (galvanized)

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Spring clamp or tention jack (chiroz) for formwork

It allows you to fix the formwork boards without the use of anchor bolts and nuts. It is put on usual armature with a diameter from 6 to 10 mm, and is tightened by means of a special key. The advantage of a spring clamp over a set of bolts and nuts is that you do not have to use a PVC tube and cones, after which there are holes that require additional processing, the reinforcement remains in the concrete, after which it is cut. Also, the cost of a set of spring clamps is significantly less than a set of bolts and nuts. And the main advantage of a spring clip is that it is quickly and conveniently mounted, and thus saves your time. The clamp tongue is made of hardened steel and galvanized, which allows the teeth on it to last longer. Using a spring clip is definitely more profitable than other components, it saves you time and money. If you want to buy a spring lock on the valve, you can contact us at the specified contacts. Our company will send components to any transport company convenient for you that allows you to buy tention jacks in Ukraine wherever you are.

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Чироз пружинний фіксатор

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ключ для чирозів

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