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Formwork for slabs

If you need the most high-quality and reliable formwork of the floor, you can choose and order it on the most favorable and comfortable conditions in the online store. We offer proven modern products that greatly simplify construction and repair work. We provide products that are simple, convenient and efficient to use. You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of a particular product of interest on your own, or consult with our managers.

Order modern flooring formwork

To successfully buy the formwork of floors, see our catalog, select the appropriate products for the characteristics that are relevant to you. This is exactly the product, due to the use of which you can easily save your time and energy without difficulty.

Modern horizontal formwork is convenient in that you yourself do not have to procure materials, select fasteners, create a structure. You get everything you need at once to complete the work on filling floors simply and quickly.

High-quality formwork for monolithic overlap, has many undeniable advantages. Its use provides benefits worth your attention:

  • High strength and reliability. Will not let you down in work.
  • Durability, stability. Withstand heavy loads.
  • Easy to install. For its application you will not have to spend much effort and time.
  • Absolute safety. It does not emit harmful substances, it is comfortable and meets the quality standards.
  • Affordable cost. It will cost quite inexpensively.
  • Formwork prices

    Our site presents the popular formwork of floors, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you. Since available raw materials are used for its manufacture, it will cost you quite affordable and profitable. Accordingly, the purchase of this product is appropriate even with a modest construction budget. This is very important in the construction of residential, office, public and industrial buildings, in the implementation of various projects.

    It is worth paying your attention to the fact that the formwork of the floor slab from will be a very appropriate and advantageous solution if it is necessary to carry out work on the preparation of floors. Select materials and various products for the construction, which will save time, effort and budget, will allow to obtain a high-quality result. See the goods in our catalog, make your choice and place orders favorably with delivery in Kiev and anywhere in Ukraine.

    Product Price
    Wood beam H20 for slab formwork (new) from 379.89 UAH/it
    Props for form work Сlass A 940.5 UAH/it
    Wood beam H20 for slab formwork Form-On (new) from 469 UAH/it
    Props with a closed thread light load from 495 UAH

  • Possible to rent goods
    contact our specialist (044) 222-90-05

  • Delivery by driver in Kiev and the region to the regions by any courier

  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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