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Domestic or building works on a house and on a summer residence rarely do without a pitch equipment. Simplest decision at that rate - to use the attached stair. Aluminum adaptations in Kyiv are accessible on a cost, does not occupy much place, easy enough and mobile.

Basic material for the production of one sectional stairs is an aluminum. A construction is two durable profiles of identical length and diameter, that unite the stages executed from an aluminum grooved profile. For high reliability, cross-bars are fastened to the bow-string by the method of flaring, and edges bend from exteriorize.

Professional and domestic stairs are in the assortment “Pioneer”

The assortment of one sectional stairs is presented by models that differentiate mainly on a working height (a maximal index is to 8 meters) and according to the amount of the stages. What larger stair, the higher her price.

To buy in the online shop “Pioneer” you can be different wall-mounted constructions:

  • standard one sectional stairs with the stages in depth from 80 millimeters;
  • with the cross-bars of three-cornered section;
  • telescopic with possibility of regulation heights of directing;
  • with the soft mount of the stages on a cutting edge;
  • with an enhanceable carrying capacity, et al.

Most models presented in a catalog have in founding of bars plastic anti-skid shoes for reliability of support, and also persistent profile for the dense fitting closely to the wall.

At every stair you can choose a necessary working height (from 3 to 8 meters) and amount of the stages.

What the attached stairs are comfortable

A pitch equipment can be required at home and in an office, in a shop and library, on storage and on a production. Wherein a place not enough is for storage of overall constructions, it comfortably to use the one sectional attached stairs. They are inexpensive enough at price, here will last many years. A main rule for application of wall-mounted adaptation is reliability of vertical support.

Due to the high level of quality of the used material for bars and stages, constructions turn out durable and lasting. And cross-bars with a grooved surface eliminate skidding at getting up and lowering, providing safety to the user.

To choose a correct stair, it is needed to be oriented not only on her length but also on the index of working height, that producers expect, leaning against the middle height of man.

Sale and lease of equipment for building from “Pioneer”

To buy the stairs of different configuration, building forests, stages and planking it is possible in a few clicks in our online shop. In addition, we lease any commodities out. In the number of other services is free consultation from professionals. Specialists will help to pick up an equipment, will tell about the features of his use and cost.

An order we will deliver independently or by means of any chosen by you company-ferryman. Self-delivery comes true from the storage, located in Kyiv, Dnepr, Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv. Maybe a few of the variants of payment.

  • Possible to rent goods
    contact our specialist (044) 222-90-05

  • Delivery by driver in Kiev and the region to the regions by any courier

  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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