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Sale of scaffolds, lifting equipment and formwork in Kiev and Ukraine

Rental of scaffoldings
  • Rental of frame scaffolding
    Frame scaffolding with a maximum height of 100m. Rent of frame scaffolding by price from 0.9 UAH/m2 per day. Deposit 100 UAH/m2.
  • Rental of ring-lock scaffolding
    Mdular scaffolding with a maximum height of 100m. price from 1,2 UAH / sq. m. per day deposit-100 UAH / sq.m.
  • Rental of mobile towers
    • Platform size 120x200cm,
    • height up to 20m
    • Price from 50 UAH/day
    • Minimum deposit!
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Sometimes for a building sphere beside the purpose to buy necessary equipment. It can be related to short space of building, or with limit nature of turnover means, or with implementation of valid for one occasion works. Thus, a requirement in a lease can arise up both for shallow person building and enormous building corporations, both for erection of small building and for building/of restoration of large objects as shopping centers, stadiums, train station. In this case more expedient to lease necessary equipment for finishing works, dismantling, etc. the Question is about the lease of the building forests.

Lease of the forests building

Temporal constructions for implementation of works on height of use popularity at revetment of building, restoration, warming, both for internal and external works.

Frequently masters apply the home-made forests that is knocked together handwritten, but similar wares are unsafe and short-lived. A good alternative ware will become from a metal, steel, aluminum. Their purchase not is always expedient, as from high quality, costliness of raw material and greater number of elements are their cost high. Therefore, it is sometimes better to do a choice in behalf on a lease.

What is the main advantage of lease of the building forests in?

Leasing the building forests is difficult. Main dignities of such variant:

  1. Subzero cost &of mdash; key reason in behalf of such decision. A benefit is straight related to the term of exploitation. In the case when a leaseholder will use the forests on the direct setting during not great while, then rent is fully expedient. But then longer term of lease, the service turns out more expensive.
  2. After processing order on the object of technician arrives in maximally short spaces. It is not needed to expect making of equipment. 
  3. Wide assortment. A company that engages in rent of the стройлесов always can offer the different types of constructions of the forests, choosing is possible exactly that, that most befits under your needs and to take him in the temporal use even for a term of 1-2 days.
  4. Safety. Specialists of firm - leasing the forests out, have large experience in this sphere, and can give necessary consultations, recommend a necessary construction, help or carry out the quality and safe editing. 
  5. Logistic: problems with transportation are not present as delivery a lessor engages in as a rule. 
  6. It is not necessary to engage in repair and maintenance. Wares it is necessary to clean from a metal, process, even the deformed areas and take away tracks from damages. Regular procedure also is verification of timber elements and clamps. The owner of the forests engages in these questions. For the leased constructions' responsibility is born the by a lessor. All, that it needs to the leaseholder - neatly to apply with stranger property and shut out breakage of good. 
  7. It is not necessary to think of that, where to keep the forests. After completion of works on the forests a construction it is necessary to take apart and lay down in the beforehand prepared place. To storage enhanceable requirements are here produced. So, an apartment must be clean and dry, protected from an unfavorable weather. It will be succeeded to avoid at the short-term lease of such problems - when to be completed all works on editing or reconstruction, a lessor arrives and takes away the equipment.

Advantages of collaboration with us

To lease inexpensively the building forests our company offers in Kyiv. Except it, we offer:

Professional free consultation.

Our specialists can be trusted!

  • Possible to rent goods
    contact our specialist (044) 222-90-05

  • Delivery by driver in Kiev and the region to the regions by any courier

  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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