Accesories for scaffolding

Accessories for scaffolding and formwork

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Accesories for scaffolding & formwork

In building where the forests are widely used and planking, an important place is occupied by their accessories and expense/pl materials. At the choice of accessories it is necessary to take into account their specific, assortment and sphere of the use, and also gentlefolks, what brands and producers, and where it is better to buy.

Accessories for the forests and planking

Planking is used in the process of erection of different building and building. Therefore, not surprising, that at the choice of these elements it is necessary to follow their quality and reliability.

Accessories for planking is different timber elements and materials, to that take locks, clamps ("crabs", "crocodiles"), special nuts and screw-bolts, straining-screws, tubes and not only. Before a choice it is necessary to take into account expediency of their application, and also reliability.

For providing of correct and safe exploitation of pitch building it is required correctly to watch after that, what state, fastening and details are in. In case of even insignificant damage it is better to purchase new accessories for building forests and planking, as safety of workers depends directly on it.

Assortment of accessories (to push off from an assortment on a page)

To the accessories for the forests take a building net building garbage chute.

To building a garbage chute consists of:

  • Ordinary sections of garbage chute building;
  • Section of up cast of building garbage;
  • Storeyed loading section;
  • Section of extinguishing of speed of falling of garbage.

On any construction site enhanceable requirements are produced to accident prevention, especially, if conduct pitch works. Due to a net safety rises on an object, as she prevents a fall outside the working zone of elements of finishing, instruments, and also dust and garbage, that constantly appear during realization of works on repair and building. Except it, a net will help to close the building in case of unfavorable weather or high wind. In other words, this accessory is used as defense, and also scenery.

Good from a company Pioneer differs in enhanceable durability. To prolong the term of his exploitation, a net is saturated with special solutions protecting her from rotting and pernicious influence of UV rays, such compositions are neutral and not poisonous.

An accessory is presented in different sizes, forms, coloring, closeness. If to take up her setting, then building will look aesthetically beautifully even at building. In many settlements it is impossible to engage in building and repair without the use of such net.

For making of net fibers from a polypropylene, being characterized high durability, are used - she will survive the weight of man.

Why is it needed to buy for us?

If it is necessary to buy inexpensively accessories for planking and forests, then choosing is needed in our services. We work on territory of all Ukraine, delivery is possible a courier on territory of Kyiv. Paying goods and services is possible by means of bank map or by a non-cash transaction.



Mesh protective forests 37 g/sqm

 from 13.5 UAH

⭐ Mesh protective forests 95 g/sqm

 from 22.6 UAH

Sleeve direct for garbage collection

 from 1566 UAH

Damper velocity

 4248 UAH

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