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Scaffolding from the company Pioner UA

Our company Pioner UA is a professional operator in the market of scaffolding. Thanks to many years of experience in the production and use of scaffolding at sites of varying complexity, Pioner UA guarantees its customers wishing to buy scaffoldings of their own brand, high reliability of structures, their functionality and safety. A professional approach to the choice of scaffolding allows our clients to achieve substantial savings in the cost of buying scaffolding in the medium and long term.

The main recommendations, compliance with which will allow builders to save time and money:

  • It should be remembered that the economic effect from the use of scaffolding depends directly on the life of the scaffolding structure, the operational costs of maintaining the scaffolding in working condition and the time spent on installing scaffolding at a particular facility. Our experience allows us to state that the average "age" of scaffoldings made of 48x3.5mm pipes is 10 years, of 42x2mm pipes - 5 years, and of 42x1.5mm pipes - 2 years, that is, the lifespan of standard scaffoldings is 5 times longer than light scaffoldings, the difference in price is only 2 times.

  • What anti-corrosion coating to choose? Galvanized or painted? Calculations show the following: the price difference between painted and galvanized scaffoldings is about 30%; painted scaffoldings after periodic cleansing are necessary to tint, for which annual costs amount to approximately 2-3% of the value of scaffoldings, which in 10 years will amount to 20-30% of the cost. Thus, it seems that you should not overpay for galvanization, because there is no obvious economic advantage. However, if we take into account the annual loss of time for painting scaffoldings, the image benefits from the operation of galvanized scaffoldings, we still recommend hot-galvanized scaffold for a long-term perspective.

  • What scaffolding design to choose: frame or modular? First of all, a modular is 30-40% more expensive than frame scaffoldings. The choice of the scaffold system is based on the predominant nature of the construction work that is done on them. Frame scaffolding most effective for the implementation of insulation and facades of simple configuration. Modular scaffoldings are indispensable when performing restoration work on complex architectural objects, when performing stone (masonry) works; for arranging scaffolding inside rooms, for scenes and the like.

Thus the general recommendation is as follows:

  • if you are performing facade works, warming facades on an inconceivable basis - it is most cost-effective to purchase cheap frame thin-walled scaffoldings;

  • if you perform the above works regularly, but there is no certainty of being busy for the long term - choose a timber frame scaffoldings from pipes 42x2-2.5mm, the price will be at an average level;

  • if you are professional builders who constantly carry out facade work and have a portfolio of orders for years to come, then you are recommended to frame scaffolding of the European standard in hot-dip galvanized coating;

  • If in your activity restoration works, finishing of facades in combination with stone works prevail, then give preference to the modular galvanized scaffoldings.

Our specialists are always competent and unbiased on the basis of an analysis of your needs and specific activities, will provide free advice on the choice of scaffolding systems, help you properly assemble the scaffolding, advise you on how to install the scaffolding on complex architectural configurations.

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Product Price
Clamp  from 85.5 UAH
⭐ Ring-lock scaffolding HDG from 654.08 UAH
Frame scaffolding (Euro version)  265.05 UAH/it
Klynove-clamp scaffolding 142.5 UAH

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