Frame scaffolding 100m MAX

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Scaffolding is widely used as a support in the construction industry, to support large loads. With its capacity as scaffolding used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, in concreting large ceiling thickness, and a horizontal formwork, in a residential building.
Integrated connectors construction scaffolding allow for easy installation and removal, and all 3 sizes (0.9 m, 1.2 m and 1.8 m) allow stepless choose the right height.

Frame scaffolding are the most popular in Europe, including scaffolding. Looks their design with the letter "P", consisting of frames connected by horizontal and vertical ties. This design is the most convenient in terms of speed of installation, and reliability and economy.

The most likely frame scaffold suitable for work on the facades of line, but due to the large number of additional elements (trusses, consoles, etc), by means of the scaffold can be equipped with objects of any complexity.

To build the scaffolding frame does not need special training for installers, all geometric shapes scaffolding up automatically by fixed-location lock clamps. Another important point in construction scaffolding convenience: no threaded joints and small elements can do without special tools, the preparation.

Frames are integrated into the design of stairs - it provides the speed and security of movement up and down.

Scaffolding equipped with upper and lower supporting spindles, allowing for accurate adjustment in height.

Machines used for fertilization, among others, already mentioned works, concreting and with inclined surfaces and structures in places where there are horizontal load. The solution to this problem provides an easy system statically rigid towers.

Construction scaffolding props easily combined on one object with horizontal formwork. For example, in the frame of 1.8m., Can be used in the concrete ceiling of 2.6 to 3.2 m.

Frame scaffolding


Maximum height, m

60 (100 by special project)

Normative superficial loading, kg / m2


Number of loaded layers

2 (1 by special project)

Step storey height, m


Step along the wall, m

2,0; 2,5; 3,0

The width of the stage, m

0,75; 1,09




90 UAH.

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