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  • Manufacturer: GeoPlast (Италия)
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Plastic formwork GEOPLAST® is an easy-to-use modular system of plastic elements to fill the walls, foundations and pillars of concrete. This patented system formwork, which includes a number of panels of various sizes that can easily be connected with each other using nylon handles.

Thanks to the combination of panels of different widths can create structures - 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 cm.

Moulded formwork panels made of plastic ABS, resistant to UV light, weighing only 11 kg. Installation of the formwork can be made by one person without the need for a crane.

Turnover Formwork - about 100 times under the condition of correct assembly and removal, are described in this manual. Since cement does not stick to plastic, removal of the formwork is produced without the use of special tools and lubricants. At the end of the fill must be cleaned from the outer edges of accidentally adhering cement, and when removing the formwork clean it with water.

The main elements of the plastic casing:
  • Shield 120x60
  • Shield 20x60
  • Shield 25h60
  • Shield 30x60
  • Shield 40x60
  • Shield outer corner 30x60
  • Shield inner corner 33h60
  • Overlay 120x60 decorative
  • Power outer corner
  • Reinforced with metal 120cm


GEOPANEL®vesit panel of 11 kg and can be installed by one person, because of its simplicity and ease of assembly. The handles provide excellent fixation of panels simple turn of 90 degrees.

  • FORMWORK does not need special treatment before concreting or during assembly.

External panel has a structure side and the holes that make it easy to assemble and install the system. The panels have openings for standard struts, and rods which are easily found on sale, because they are used for traditional metal molds.

Concrete does not stick to plastic, so the formwork can be removed. Cleaning is done with plain water without the use of special detergents.

Decking completely disassembled and can be stored in places with high humidity.

The modular principle
All elements GEOPANEL® have a standard height of 60 cm, length varies from 25, 30, 40, 120 cm. The panels do not require additional cutting and fitting, as has already designed for installation.

Due handles the elements can be easily disassembled and moved on-site without the need for a crane.

Plastic decking is economical compared to traditional systems, is easy to maintain and can be used up to 100 times in compliance with the rules of operation.

Walls made using GEOPANEL, can be left open without any further processing.

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