Accessories and components for towers

Purchasing components from the manufacturer is a guarantee of reliable use of mobile towers and scaffoldings

Accessories and components for towers

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Accessories and components for towers

Implementation of pitch works is unthinkable without the building forests. But such massive constructions not are always comfortable. For those cases, when it is not required to perch on a height more than 20 meters and there is no possibility to fasten auxiliary building to the wall of building, more expedient to use towers-turns.

Such mobile constructions it is not needed to take apart and collect on new each time at moving about. Besides, they allow setting at once a few working grounds on a different height.

Accessories for towers-turns

By main part of construction towers-turns, there is metallic framework. Usually he is made from steel. Quality of material straight influences on safety of the use of the stages. Durable connectors provide reliability of fastening of all knots of adaptation.

The necessary constituents of the tower are antihunt sloping angular supports. On an uneven surface, jacks will help to equalize a tower. Other obligatory details are stair transitions. Also, the building is provided with a roller mechanism. For safety during work of wheel lock wired, and a tower firmly costs in place.

For reliability of connection of elements of construction and providing of safety of workers, different accessories are used for the stages. In their number:

  • internal and outward connectors for pipes;
  • collars and clamps;
  • protective protections (transversal side, longitudinal side);
  • antihunt supports;
  • traverses;
  • protective net et al.

Also, it is additionally possible to buy a building garbage chute, flooring with a hatch or without him, and for the comfortable getting up of loads on a height useful winch.

Buying additional elements is needed simultaneously with the purchase of the tower. But of necessity to order in Kyiv necessary knots it is possible in our online shop. Actual prices on accessories are indicated in a catalog.

Advantages of collaboration with the company “Pioneer”

”Pioneer” suggests buying the different models of towers tour, that differ on the configuration and price. For implementation of valid for one occasion works, you can lease equipment. At that rate, a cost settles accounts coming from the term of the use of the stages or forests.

To the word, leasing is possible in any commodity presented in our online shop. For clarification of all nuances will appeal to the specialists of company by phone, indicated on a web-site.

Rapid delivery and editing of constructions of the tested quality are produced on an accessible cost. Shipping comes true from storage in Kyiv, Dnepr, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.



Wheels without brake for mobile towers and scaffolding

 from 120 UAH/it

⭐ Platform for a mobile towers

 1600 UAH/it

Wheels with brake for mobile towers and scaffolding

 220 UAH/it

Stabilizer for towers H=1.65 m

 420 UAH/it

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  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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