Formwork, large (light series)

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Detailed properties:

  • Model : 2503
  • Mass (kg) : 58

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Formwork for construction, panel formwork 
"Variant" - system for any construction requirements

Decking frame "option" is a complete system, and contains the accessories that provide accurate performance and compliance with safety - easy to optimize energy consumption, using formwork "Variant"!

At the construction site using a formwork made optimum adaptation to any situation, thanks to judicious raster elements.

Formwork "Option" can be used to:

  • foundations;
  • Stan: small and large areas;
  • Pylons and columns;
The system formwork "Variant", equipped with new features:

  • In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of the concrete sets new parameters;
  • It provides better opportunities for recovery and purification, and thus provides efficiency;
  • Through the use of simple and reliable de-formworking elements formwork "Variant" formwork simplifies elevator shafts and stairways openings.
Frame formwork "Variant" - reliability and durability!

The best combination of quality and price of domestic producers!

The formwork reinforced profiles due to the use, a high bearing capacity elements: both the contours and the middle panel:

  • 85 kN / m2 for wall boards;
  • 100 kN / m2 universal boards.
And the parameters favorably distinguish our formwork system from similar products of other manufacturers.

Additional benefits include the following characteristics:

  • Specially designed with the expectation of heavy loads during concreting, the profile elements to facilitate, also, the replacement of plywood formwork at the end of the period of its use, in comparison with components of other manufacturers.
  • Using a flat sheet, which eliminates the need for special cutouts for the anchoring holes.
  • Using sheets of plywood 21 mm thick birch exclusively from the best manufacturers.
  • plywood fastened to the outside of the boards with the help of self-tapping screws: it gives a smooth surface that interacts with the concrete.
  • Cost of plywood and ease its replacement
The combination of the constituent elements of frame formwork "Variant"

We recommend using only original parts in the construction process.

Not excluded uses for frame formwork "Variant" in combination with components from other manufacturers, but in such cases it is important to pre-establish the degree of compatibility of formwork elements.

Frame formwork "Option" has a small number of elements, and has a pitch of 15 cm, regardless of the method of application -. The vertical or horizontal position.

The use of system formwork "Variant" does not require expensive improvisation t.kak designed elements simplify and speed up the work with the formwork. The bearing capacity of 85 kN / m2 and a guaranteed long life, provide the efficiency of our system, for all wall formwork tasks.

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