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Combination 2-section ladder

Two sectional stairs use large popularity not only for people professionally engaging in building but also in different other spheres, where a necessity is for pitch works. In the number of materials, from that such constructions, tree, aluminum, steel, are made. Thus, wooden models in a great deal yield to more easy aluminum. The cost of wares depends on material, from the type of configuration and height.

Varieties of two sectional stairs

On principle of exploitation, two sectional stairs are presented by two kinds:

  • attached - as support, a wall or any other steady vertical surface is required equipment. Regulating the height of the section pulled out upwards is possible by means of rope. For fixing, automatic subspringy hooks are used. The safe getting up is guaranteed by the stages from a corrugated aluminum profile, the construction of that maintains the considerable loading and provides comfort position of foot. The overhead pulled out section is provided with rollers for comfortable advancement to down the wall;
  • step-ladders - advantage of such stairs is possibility to use constructions both attached in apartments with a limit area and as L-shaped of step-ladder. These models are completed wide transversal traverse from the aluminum of extra-strong that is located in the under body of the first section for more safe exploitation. Have the automatic blocking and angular braces.

Two sectional stairs can be named universal helpers. Due to their configuration, it easily to regulate the height of getting up. In a build state, they do not occupy much place in an apartment. Possessing high durability, counted on the large loading.

For those cases, when it is required to go up on a large height, it is needed to buy multifunction three-sectional stair.

Pluses of collaboration with us

To buy in Kyiv two sectional stairs on an acceptable cost, it is possible in the online shop ”Pioneer”. And if equipment is required for of short duration pitch works, then he can be leased. Fixed price for twenty-four hours, the uses. Another advantage of collaboration with our company is possibility to get free consultation of specialists on all nascent questions about products that is presented in a catalog.

Besides stairs, “Pioneer” offers the building forests, planking and other equipment that can be useful during repair and assembling works. The actual cost of commodities and services in Kyiv is presented on our web-site.

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