Connector universal 160 mm (T-bolt) (galvanized)

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  • Manufacturer: Pioner

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The connector (join bolt) universal for a form work

The universal join T-bolt or as it is also called the T-shaped bolt is an element of a wall timbering, is used for connection of boards of a timbering in places where there is no possibility to place usual universal or adjustable clamps.

Using of a T-bolt:

  • it is used for connection of different types of form work panels;
  • for fastening of inserts from a tree in a form work;
  • for connections of universal panels;
  • as the main element of connection of panels of a form work in columns;
  • for fixing of support props (braces) with a panels;
  • for fixing of leveling tires with formwork boards/

The universal connector is an irreplaceable element in atypical situations in arrangement of a wall timbering.

The T-bolt from the Pioner UA company has a lot of advantages:
  • is made by a forging method (see the video which is applied) that provides its high bearing capacity unlike the made connector by a molding method
  • galvanized coating of bolt, which protects it from corrosion
  • absence of welding seams, provides high reliability of bolts from the Pioner UA company
  • self-cleaning thread on the screw, combining practicality, reliability and ease of use;
  • versatility, which is combined with all standard formwork nuts with 15 / 17mm thread

You can buy the universal connector having addressed to us on the specified contacts. We deliver the goods by own transport, or any service convenient for you that allows to buy the socket universal in Ukraine wherever you were.
Export of T-bolts for export is possible

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