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Suspendet platforms for construction

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Suspendet platforms for construction

Installation and construction work at heights is the type of work that is one of the most dangerous and complex. An employee performing high-altitude work must have high-quality and reliable technical equipment. The construction cradle is a reliable device with which you can raise various tools, materials and personnel to the required height. In modern realities, all risks are minimized, and the cradle for high-altitude work allows you to effectively perform all the tasks assigned to it.

Types of building cradles and where are they used?

There are passenger and freight front cradles that differ in appearance and structural elements. They are divided into string, mast and shaft. Mast cradles are considered one of the most popular and common. Apply cradles for facade work, maintenance of multi-story buildings and arrangement of the facade of buildings. Often, cradles are used for special maintenance of state property:

  • reservoirs;
  • Hydroelectric power station;
  • dams;
  • bridges.

Both foreign and Chinese cradles can cope with all tasks. If you need an assembly cradle in Kiev, then on our website a catalog of high-quality high-altitude equipment is available at affordable prices, there is also a facade cradle for it below the market price.

Main advantages

Suspended metal platforms are widely used in high-altitude work. The success of construction cradles is due to their convenience and a number of other advantages, among which we should separately highlight:

  1. Ease of installation. To assemble the platform, you will need a minimum of effort, knowledge and time.
  2. Compactness. It is possible to assemble and disassemble the construction cradle into its component parts. The total weight of the structures reaches one and a half tons. Due to its light weight and dimensions, transportation of equipment by minibus is possible.
  3. Life time. The construction cradle ZLP and any other cradle has a long service life. Operation reaches 8-12 years, with timely maintenance and replacement of failed tube parts.
  4. Profitability. For example, if you need a good electric cradle, the price of a popular model will depend on the necessary characteristics. Construction cradles are considered a cost-effective solution for high-altitude work.

Where to buy construction cradles?

Modern construction cradles are highly reliable, quality and safety, so it is much easier to buy a suspended cradle than to look for alternative options for installation work. Thanks to the construction cradle, it is possible to secure the life of the employee, because a person’s life will directly depend on their quality and availability. On the website of our online store you can buy a cradle front in Ukraine at an affordable price. The quality of the products presented meets all international standards. Each product has all the necessary and relevant certificates.



Cradle mechanical suspension

 from 46500 UAH/it

⭐ Suspended electric platform ZLP630 (galvanized)

 72900 UAH/it

Cradle ZLP630 construction electric (painted)

 67500 UAH

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