Cradle ZLP630 construction electric (painted)

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UAH 6750/mon.

General info:

  • Lifting height (m): 100
  • Capacity: 630
  • Материал: Steel paint
  • To cover: Polymer paint
  • Manufacturer: Китай
  • Type of lifts: Cradle

Detailed properties:

  • Model : ZLP630 H=50m L=2m
  • Height (m) : 50
  • Length (m) : 2
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Suspended platforms are designed for lifting personnel, building materials and tools to the workplace to a height of 150 meters and for performing exterior finishing work on residential buildings, industrial buildings and structures. Suspended platforms can be used as lift to get to the place of welding of the hull, dam, chimney bridge, etc.

The cable for the suspended platforms is galvanized and has a diameter of 8.6 mm.

The hoist of the suspended platforms construction hermetically protected from exposure to the external environment.

The suspended platforms are completed with a working platform, catchers, winches, an electric control panel, steel ropes and consoles for mounting on a flat roof.

The suspended platforms are made in China and are very convenient and easy to operate, have already become widespread in the Ukraine and other countries.

Suspended platforms ZLP are certified by us in Ukraine.


Load capacity, kg - 630

Lifting speed, m / min - 9

Engine power, kW - 1.5

The weight of the cradle without consoles, cargo counter, cable, kg - 336

Counter load, kg - 960

Basket length, m - 6

Basket width, m - 0.7

Railing height, m - 1.2

Lifting height, m - 150

Our advantages in the field of cradles for construction:

  • Our experience

For 20 years of work on the Ukrainian market in the field of facade lifts, we chose the best manufacturer of cradles in China, so that the front lift had good synchrony when moving up and down, and all the details had high accuracy.

The main electrical elements in the cradle control panel are from European famous brands. In addition, we continuously monitor the quality of the assembly, so that the shield has better moisture protection, was equipped with a European outlet, which allows customers to conveniently connect small tools to the cradle construction.

  • Safety lock and winch

The safety lock and a winch of a cradle have excellent quality and reliability, takes the first place in China. Every safety lock and winch are required tests.

  • The warranty period for the cradle is 1 year.

The catcher and winch are made of high-quality components, underwent a number of treatments, for example nitriding, which significantly prolongs the service life. The current winch is already the third generation, its characteristics are constantly increasing. She passed more than 100,000 times in the laboratory, which confirms its reliability.

  • Steel rope

Brand of a cable for a cradle front - "Fasten", the best cable in China. It has a certificate of quality.

  • High quality production and assembly of ZLP cradles

The platform of the cradle and hanging mechanisms are made of high quality steel.

The platform of the electric cradle can be painted or galvanized.

  • You can buy accessories for ZLP630 cradles:

Engine (winch) for cradles LTD630

The control panel for the cradle ZLP630


Brake shoe

Trailer for cradles ZLP

Cable for the cradle

Fan for electric motors for ZLP cradles

Contactor for ZLP 630

Cable guide for ZLP 630 cradles

Rectifier for cradles ZLP 630

Centrifugal Speed ​​Limiter for ZLP630

It is possible to buy a cradle construction electric suspended in any our branch.

The construction cradle can be rented (see renting cradles section).

We carry out the repair of cradles, service, departure to the object of the customer.

Front cradles at the best prices and conditions only here !.

Suspended cradles - sale, rental, service throughout Ukraine

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