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At the choice of stair for implementation of economic and building works, customers often give preference to the step-ladders. Functionality of such adaptations depends on the type of construction.

Types of step-ladders and their feature

On the whole, all step-ladders can be divided into two large groups:

  • one-sided are models, having the stages only from one side;
  • bilateral are stairs with cross-bars on both knees. At that rate, the use of the instrument is possible at once by two people.

Step-ladders differ and on the materials applied for their making. It is one of the most important criteria, on that note should be taken before to buy a stair. For example, for the closed apartments, it is possible to purchase a step-ladder from a tree. Such wares will be useful for domestic needs, because from weight usually produced small length, that limits access to верхотуре.

On productions, the professional steel constructions of extra-strong are mostly used. The term of their exploitation is practically unlimited, therefore, and price not little.

By a good alternative to the stair from a tree, an aluminum step-ladder will become for a house. She is easy and mobile, and due to additional accessories it is possible to promote functionality of extensible adaptations. The same models due to durability of aluminum profile will suit for the use in a repair-building sphere.

Another variant of professional constructions is the combined wares for electrical works, that affects their cost. Dielectric bars are produced from fiberglass, and light-alloy stage - from the aluminum pressed profile.

Except material, a value has a size of instrument. Picking up a height and amount of the stages is needed, taking into account the planned works. Thus, then higher step-ladder, the more expensive at price she will treat.

Where and how to use step-ladders

Models with the least of the stages - to three - will open access to the upper berths, domestic questions will help to decide. Reliable constructions are usually executed in form stool and have a wide, steady overhead ground.

Other compact variant are telescopic extensible stairs. Then it comfortably to keep and transport, and using is possible in the different spheres of activity.

Step-ladders with the amount of cross-bars from four to seven can be applied in apartments with the high ceiling, and also at activity in a garden. The greater number of the stages will provide possibility of the use of stair for implementation of outward works, when beside the purpose to come running to the help of towers tour and building forests.

By a help during work, additional devices become on a step-ladder. In their number, the suspended trays and grounds are for instruments that can be set on any comfortable height.

For the decision of problem of uneven surface of floor, it is possible to buy extension leads for bars that is assembled in founding of bow-string. Large stability of construction will be given by traverses, plastic or rubbered protective straps on legs for slippery sex or, vice versa, sharp tips for soft soil.

In order that step-ladder it was comfortably to move about, she can be equipped by rollers.

To pick up a step-ladder under certain needs, you can in the online shop “Pioneer”. The main office of the company is situated in Kyiv, and storage are also in Dnepr, Kharkiv, Odesa and in Lviv. Delivery of commodity we carry out on all Ukraine.

Also, we lease out the forest, lifts and planking. To get answers for questions at the costs of commodities and services and free consultation of professionals it is possible by phone, indicated on a web-site.

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