Hois for passengers and materials MAX2000

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  • Manufacturer: TEA (Италия)
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Mast climbing build hoist for material and passengers MAX2000

The mast climbing construction hoist with rack and pinion transmission of the MAX2000 SERIES is designed for lifting materials and peoples with a total weight of up to 2000 kg and a height of up to 200 m. Due to the increased size of the loading platform (up to 1.5x4m), it is possible to lift large-sized building materials: drywall sheets, double-glazed windows, etc.
This is a modern construction hoist, incorporating all the best achievements in this area: a soft start and braking system, programmable speed control, braking, stops, alarm, controlled safety at all stages of the lift operation, etc.

The elevator works in two modes:
  1. Hoist for material: in this mode, high-speed lifting of building materials without people.
  2. Lift for Passenger: in this mode, the hoist will comfortably and safely lift personnel, equipment and materials.

The elevator consists of the following main parts:

  • Support frame (1) with 4 adjustable jacks and 4 wheels;
  • A vertical mast (2) of square section with a gear rack, consisting of lattice sections attached to a wall or other supporting structure. If during installation and dismantling of the mast the wind speed is lower than 15 km / h, the first wall support can be installed at a height of 6 m from the ground, the second wall support at a distance of 6 m from the first, then at a height of 12 m from the ground, and so every 6 m. If during installation and dismantling of the mast, the wind speed is more than 15 km / h, then the first wall is temporarily installed at a height of 3 m from the ground, the second at a distance of 3 m from the first (6 m from the floor), and the next in increments of 6 meters. When mounting and dismounting mast lifts, the wind speed should not exceed 45 km / h.
  • Transport platform (cradle) (3), driven by a lifting mechanism (4), including two three-phase electric motors with a power of 11 kW each or two three-phase motors with a power of 8 kW each, and two two-stage planetary gearboxes connected to the motors through a rack and pinion transmission ;
  • Wall mounts (5) to maintain the lift structure in an upright position;
  • Guide devices (6) that ensure proper unwinding and winding of the cable, as well as keeping it in a central vertical position when laying in an appropriate container;
  • Safety devices installed in different places of the construction hoist;
  • The main electrical panel (7) located near the cab and the remote electrical panel (8) mounted on the container for cable laying;
  • A passage to enter the platform (9) complete with a double-leaf door, long and short folding sides or a fixed wall, depending on the chosen configuration;
  • Two mounting sites used to install wall supports (10);
  • A passage to exit to the floor (11) complete with a double door, long and short folding sides or a fixed wall, depending on the chosen construction lift configuration;
  • Cable management container (12);
  • A mechanical emergency device (13), conventionally called a “parachute brake”, which is automatically activated if the platform descent speed exceeds 46m / min; causes brake application and smooth, soft stop of equipment at any point of the mast;
  • Auxiliary lifting device (winch) (14), mounted on a rotary boom, used to move the mast sections of the elevator during installation.
Our construction hoists have European and Ukrainian quality certificates.
We offer services of installation, training, maintenance of hoists.
It is possible to rent this mast construction hoists.
You can leave a request online or call us.

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