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The mast-type cargo lift is widely used for the construction of tall buildings. With it, you can create the optimal conditions that are necessary for a number of repairs: installation of balcony and window facades, facade restoration, wall decoration.

Design and distinctive features of the mast lift

The design of the electric tower can be increased by additional sections. The standard package usually includes:

  • platform;
  • winch;
  • support frame;
  • electric motor;
  • section tower;
  • ropeway;
  • caret;
  • control block.

Compared to a conventional passenger-and-freight elevator, an electric elevator is cheaper, its control unit is located outside, and the match holds the entire device.

The advantages of mast climbers

Equipment for vertical transportation of goods is a necessary element in the construction of high-rise buildings. Mast lifts have a number of advantages that have made them popular in the construction industry:

  • do not take much time when assembling and installing equipment;
  • it is possible to increase the height of the route;
  • small geometric indicators, do not take up much space;
  • loading from multiple sides;
  • possibility of use inside and outside the building.

Before choosing equipment, it is extremely important to consider the lifting speed, height and area of ​​​​work to be performed.

The benefits of buying from Pioneer SA

Pioner UA has been selling and renting equipment for construction work at height for over 20 years. During this period, we were able to gain a lot of experience, which helps us provide quality services to our customers.

The advantages of our company are:

  • Work throughout Ukraine and export. Over the years of our work, we were able to open branches and warehouses in many regions, which allowed us to expand the geography of our activities.
  • More than 3,000 satisfied customers. The quality of our services leaves only the best impressions, which makes customers come back to us again.
  • The best suppliers of all components and equipment. We cooperate with a number of leading companies.
  • Security. Each equipment has quality certificates and meets all requirements.

Skilled professionals, knowledge of all the features of the field of detail and speed of service have helped us earn the trust of customers.



Freight mast lift

 from 310000 UAH/it

⭐ Hois for passengers and materials MAX2000

 930000 UAH/it

Compact hoist for personal and materials 300 kg FULL200P

 430900 UAH/it

Mast platform IZA30/100

 310000 UAH/it

  • Possible to rent goods
    contact our specialist (044) 222-90-05

  • Delivery by driver in Kiev and the region to the regions by any courier

  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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