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Our company "Pioner UA" offers the most popular types of construction hoists. In Ukraine and Kiev, it is also possible to rent expensive construction hoisting equipment of all categories, including a hydraulic construction mast mast with a mast height of 100 meters. This highly specialized technique is designed for high-altitude work with limited installation space.

Hydraulic hoists for all conditions

Before you buy a construction hoist, the customer can consult about its characteristics and application features. Hydraulic lifts differ:

  • Dimensions;
  • Scope;
  • The carrying capacity, the height to which the load rises.

The most compact model currently available is the cargo-passenger lift, the construction price of which is lower than that of other models. Its technical characteristics allow you to lift a load of 300 kilograms to a height of 50 meters.

This is more than enough to significantly facilitate facade work in the presence of separately installed scaffolding. Workers will be able to rise to the required height without exposing themselves to additional risk. In addition, the time required to lift building materials will be significantly reduced.

Hydraulic Work Platforms

If you need to lift the load to a height greater than 50 meters, then at Scaffold you can buy a hydraulic lift with a lift height of up to 100 meters. This technique can be used when working on almost all the skyscrapers in Kiev and Kiev region.

The hydraulic mast mast lift is compact and thanks to two powerful engines and a gear-gear transmission it can lift up to 1500 kg of cargo.

It is simple and reliable to operate, has multi-stage protection and can be installed even in an elevator shaft. The main function is to lift the load during construction of the building. Despite its compactness, the platform length of a single mast lift can reach 10 meters.

Double mast lift

A platform with a support of 2 masts, capable of lifting loads of up to 2,500 kilograms to a height of 100 meters, is a complex engineering structure, the horizontal overlap of which reaches a length of 30 meters.

This lift can well be used as scaffolding for facade work. That is, no additional designs are required. This type of lift is used not only for facade work, but also at all stages of high-rise construction.

If necessary, sections of the platform of the lift 6 meters long can be removed or added. The distance between the masts is adjustable depending on the construction conditions. This is the most multi-functional of all lifts.



Freight mast lift

 from 310000 UAH/it

⭐ Hois for passengers and materials MAX2000

 930000 UAH/it

Compact hoist for personal and materials 300 kg FULL200P

 430900 UAH/it

Mast platform IZA30/100

 310000 UAH/it

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