Formwork for columns

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Formwork for columns

Сolumn formwork

During the construction of buildings for various purposes, whether it's a shopping center or industrial facilities and administrative facilities, the construction of monolithic columns becomes a necessity.

Besides, the columns perform a support function for the supporting structure, they are also present embodiment designer intent and can be any shape or size of the cross section. That's why is used in the construction of formwork for columns must be universal in size and shape.

Offers of TM "Pioner"

The company "Ukrhozimpeks" produces products under the brand "Pioner", offers its clients a wide range of building materials and the highest quality equipment. With our online service, you can order the necessary goods not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The site of the enterprise feature such formwork columns as:

  • Universal GeoPlast;
  • Columns round and square Geoplast;
  • Panel universal column;
  • Cardboard formwork for round columns;
  • Foam formwork for square columns.


For the manufacture of formwork for columns used small-panel formwork. With this system both form external angles, and straight bearing walls. in addition to its convenience This design is also economical.

Column Formwork constructively is a system of four shields. They are attached to each other by means of corner pieces or pintles. Installation of construction can be carried out manually or with the help of special equipment.

Formwork produced as columns with linear and universal boards, each of which has a number of features.

Linear panels used in the construction of several objects with the same cross-section. From the cross section will depend on the size of the shield. The connection is made using the angular fasteners.

Due to the versatility of boards can erect columns with different cross-section with only one set. This is possible due to the fact that the attachment is made, "mill". In this case, the connection is performed by means of pins.

If you are interested in disposable formwork for round columns, then the system of cardboard or Styrofoam - is exactly what you need.

The advantages of such formwork:
  • Low cost;
  • The perfect geometry of the columns;
  • The concrete surface is smooth;
  • Easy to install;
  • It has low weight.

On the updated site online store Now every customer can implement quickly and easily order the necessary equipment and order delivery in any corner of the country, not only in Kiev. For a quick search, use the convenient filter and if there are any questions, the company's employees are always ready to answer them online.
Product Price
Round Columns Geoplast from 12381.6 UAH
Columns universal plastic geoplast (Italy) 53285.1 UAH/it
Columns square GeoPlast 26269.36 UAH/it

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