Columns universal plastic geoplast (Italy)

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General info:

  • View colon: Universal
  • Fill height:
  • Load capacity: 60 kN/m2
  • Manufacturer: GeoPlast (Италия)
  • The type of material: Plastic
  • The type of formwork: Plastic

Detailed properties:

  • Model : ECOSTAR2060
  • Size (mm) : 20-60/20-60
  • Height (m) : 3
  • Mass (kg) : 130
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The benefits of universal plastic columns from Geoplast:

Shields for casting columns section from 20x20cm up 100h100sm. Interval shield section up to 70 cm - 5 cm and a width of the boards 70 to 100 cm - 10 cm interval adjustment.
GEOPANEL STAR of the Italian firm GEOPLAST Universal is a reusable formwork for rectangular (including square) columns, which is made of durable plastic ABS. Form panels are interconnected by means of locks (grips), creating a configuration as a "star." The result is a lightweight and simple to use formwork system that allows you to quickly and easily mount the various sections of the column.

  • INSTALLATION Column Formwork
Formwork for columns quickly installed or can be dismantled due to low weight boards that are moved manually, and also due to the ease and reliability of fixing locks, handles, which when rotated 90 degrees to provide excellent connection boards.
Plastic column GEOPANEL STAR is a system that consists of three kinds of universal boards 60 cm in height. Each board has a number of slots (holes), which is going through a column of any section.

Plastic formwork for columns can be used repeatedly, unlike cardboard or plywood formwork. Concrete typically does not adhere to the plastic, so cleaning formwork made using warm water without spets.sredstv. The first fill lubricant does not require formwork surface in the future use of oil-based lubricants is desirable.

Plastic formwork for columns produced by ABS-plastic, is a high strength polymer, can be stored without complying with specific conditions (even outdoors). Form panels conveniently and compactly stored on top of each other and paletiruyutsya that saves space in the warehouse and in transit. Also, they are very practical when moving on the construction site does not require the use of a crane.

  • Excellent results concreting
As a result, it turns pouring columns ideal surface. Additional finishing is usually not necessary.

Material formwork panels - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic (ABS)
Flexural Modulus - 2100 N / mm2
Tensile strength - 45 N / mm2
Coefficient of thermal expansion - 0.05 mm / m / x
Material locks, knobs - Polyamide (Nylon)
Flexural Modulus - 2200 H / mm2
Tensile strength - 70 N / mm2
Coefficient of thermal expansion - 7.10 (1 / k 10-5)

Our experts at any time provide the necessary assistance in the operation of the plastic formwork columns, will make the necessary calculations, based on customer needs. Plastic decking is available for rent. To contact our representatives throughout Ukraine (see. Contacts section).

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