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The mobile towers brand Pioner UA are your guarantee of safe and comfortable work at height. Choose the desired height, the size of the floor, press the order. And for a moment you work with comfort!

Mobile towers (towers tours)

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Mobile towers

in Ukranian - “підмостки пересувні, вишки тури”
in Russian - "Подмости мобильніе"

Mobile towers is a universal submersible for work at a height.
Mobile  scaffolds are usually a prefabricated metal structure consisting of a base on wheels, bearing racks, horizontal and diagonal joints and deck floors.
We can offer the mobile towers made of different materials, various designs, which will allow you to optimally solve the problem of work at height.
The towers offered by our company can have the following main dimensions of the platforms:

  • 160x75cm - compact stretches, which are used for compressed working conditions, are usually for one person. Buy these towers for use among shops, warehouses, supermarkets, where there are narrow passages and restrictions;
  • 200х75см - standard mobile towers, intended for the placement of two persons;
  • 200x120cm - the most popular type of multipurpose scaffoldings, which will be comfortable to use both inside the room, and externally. On the platforms of mobile towers, two employees and the necessary equipment will be conveniently located;
  • 200х200sm - staircases with spacious decking, for work on the ceilings of large areas. These tower tours are bought for drywall works, installation of suspended ceilings, panels, spacers of complex communications.

Manufacturers of mobile towers usually use thin-walled steel pipes, which allow the ease and reliability of mobile platforms.
Our company also offers to buy aluminum mobile towers. These light stretches will be useful to those who need high ease, mobility, combined with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic standards, because aluminum towers, tours do not rust, do not oxidize, and therefore to buy an aluminum tower is necessary for enterprises of the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
All types of mobile scaffoldings offered by our company meet the state standards of quality. We provide a guarantee of 1 to 5 years.



Towers modular VM klynove-clamp

 from 950 UAH/it

⭐ Mobile towers with consoles and a sloping rise

 86234.9 UAH

Mini mobile tower Master-OK

 3039.05 UAH

Mobile tower platform 1,2x2,0 m

 9481 UAH/it

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