Formwork for walls

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Formwork for walls

Wall formwork

The company "Ukrhozimpeks" delivers various types of formwork. On the website you can choose to buy or rent such equipment and materials. Purchase and delivery is available in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.
In addition, the products can be ordered in other countries, such as Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Georgia.

Decking for walls is represented in the "Pioneer" online store in a few ways:
  • Plastic formwork GeoPlast;
  • Small-panel formwork;
  • Formwork, large (light and heavy series);
  • Girder-girder formwork.

Purpose and Benefits

With this vertical formwork structures, as well as the inner and outer walls are obtained perfectly smooth, and the labor and time required for execution of works is reduced significantly. For those of you not too difficult to assemble and rearrange the system. If properly operate and maintain the formwork, its life is almost unlimited.

Structure and installation

Decking Wall - a formwork panels made of aluminum, steel or plastic with a plywood deck. The complete system is a number of different components such as washers, locking screws and nuts, cam and wedge locks, scaffolding struts and so. N.

The main purpose of all of these products - is the installation and assembly of the formwork panels. Additionally, you can also use lightweight struts, alignment beams and pins. Complete small-panel formwork set of fasteners is minimal, and the panels are made of thick laminated plywood.
Install wall formwork must be in strict compliance with the plan schema. And the drawings are prepared for the greater safety and effectiveness of the design. The assembled system should check the master.

Depending on the scope of work or the specifics of the object under construction wall formwork can be collected both manually and with the help of a crane. In order to simplify the installation of small-panel formwork use these lifting mechanisms, such as rack-jacks. Only after the concrete hardens to the desired strength construction can be dismantled.
Product Price
Plastic formwork GeoPlast from 75.71 UAH
Shallow panel formwork MIDI BOX 3015 UAH/it
Large-panel formwork (heavy series) from 1712 UAH
Large-panel formwork (light series) from 5439 UAH

  • Possible to rent goods
    contact our specialist (044) 222-90-05

  • Delivery by driver in Kiev and the region to the regions by any courier

  • Payment in cash through a bank card or cashless payment

  • Shipment from our warehouses in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv

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